If you can breathe , you can do yoga

You do not need to be a part of the overly hyped up westernization version of wearing all expensive yoga gear, having the most expensive mat, or worrying that you aren’t “flexible ” enough.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga . I promise. I’m helping to build a community of people who want to enrich their lives and embrace their overall health. This is what yoga is all about, not the fancy clothes, studios, or crazy poses.

"Knowing others is intelligence ; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power." - Lao Tzu

"Knowing others is intelligence ; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power." - Lao Tzu

38 ways yoga keeps you fit


Are you looking for reasons to start practicing? Here are ways yoga improves your health—reasons enough to roll out the mat and get started.

By Timothy McCall, M.D.

If you’re a passionate yoga practitioner, you’ve probably noticed the ways yoga works—maybe you’re sleeping better or getting fewer colds or just feeling more relaxed and at ease. But if you’ve ever tried telling a newbie how it works, you might find that explanations like “It increases the flow of prana” or “It brings energy up your spine” fall on deaf or skeptical ears.

As it happens, Western science is starting to provide some concrete clues as to how yoga works to improve health, heal aches and pains, and keep sickness at bay. Once you understand them, you’ll have even more motivation to step onto your mat, and you probably won’t feel so tongue-tied the next time someone wants Western proof.

I myself have experienced yoga’s healing power in a very real way. Weeks before a trip to India in 2002 to investigate yoga therapy, I developed numbness and tingling in my right hand. After first considering scary things like a brain tumor and multiple sclerosis, I figured out that the cause of the symptoms was thoracic outlet syndrome, a nerve blockage in my neck and chest.

Despite the uncomfortable symptoms, I realized how useful my condition could be during my trip. While visiting various yoga therapy centers, I would submit myself for evaluation and treatment by the various experts I’d arranged to observe. I could try their suggestions and see what worked for me. While this wasn’t exactly a controlled scientific experiment, I knew that such hands-on learning could teach me things I might not otherwise understand.

My experiment proved illuminating. At the Vivekananda ashram just outside of Bangalore, S. Nagarathna, M.D., recommended breathing exercises in which I imagined bringing prana (vital energy) into my right upper chest. Other therapy included asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, lectures on philosophy, and various kriya (internal cleansing practices). At the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai and from A.G. Mohan and his wife, Indra, who practice just outside of Chennai, I was told to stop practicing Headstand and Shoulderstand in favor of gentle asana coordinated with the breath. In Pune, S.V. Karandikar, a medical doctor, recommended practices with ropes and belts to put traction on my spine and exercises that taught me to use my shoulder blades to open my upper back.

Thanks to the techniques I learned in India, advice from teachers in the United States, and my own exploration, my chest is more flexible than it was, my posture has improved, and for more than a year, I’ve been free of symptoms.

My experience inspired me to pore over the scientific studies I’d collected in India as well as the West to identify and explain how yoga can both prevent disease and help you recover from it. Here is what I found…

Yoga Home practice : Two great websites that offer an all access pass to varoius styles of yoga


Both of these websites are a great alternative to unlimited yoga classes at a yoga studio. Studios are great for being able to have access to knowledgeable teachers and guides who can truly be there for alignment, inspiration, and the benefits of yoga. But, being able to go all the time to a studio can be very expensive. I recommend being able to be physically part of a yoga class once or twice a week, or as often as you can through out the month, and have a home practice as well. For your home practice, these two sites make a great companion. Both have access to unlimited video yoga classes, and all kinds of styles.

YogaGlo ( 18 dollars a month) -  ” YogaGlo is the new online yoga experience in HD video that provides the experience of being in the class at your home. YogaGlo is everyone’s yoga. Regardless of religion, culture, age, political views, something we all have in common is the human condition. Yoga is the lifelong process of investing in the quality of our condition. YogaGlo’s intention is to empower people around the world to engage in this process. Our classes are taught by experienced certified teachers who embody yoga and teach with an intimate understanding of the classic yoga texts and various yoga traditions, whose devotion, lives and teachings are their art. Classes cover the spectrum of asana styles, meditation, lectures, workshops, and special events. A lot of thought and consideration goes into the process of selecting our teachers.”

Yogis Anonymous ( 15 dollars a month) - “

The spirit of play. Somebody once said that the way you do anything is the way you do everything. We believe you ought to have a little fun with it. What is IT? Well that depends on who you are and what you want. Most people arrive at their yoga mats because they’re looking for something. Lots of people can keep you company while you’re looking, but we’re interested in something more specific. At Yogis Anonymous, you’ll experience community; a gathering of teachers and students who not only want to be with you as you’re finding your bliss, but actually believe that the journey ought, at times, to be …<gasp>… FUN!

But don’t get us wrong: we take the yoga very seriously… when you come in, you will find that our roster is made up of highly qualified and inspired teachers who pay attention to details like proper alignment, who love to work one-on-one with you to help you find that handstand or arm balance you’ve been working on, and who want to know what’s happening in your body so they can help you work sensitively and safely. For sure, we take the yoga seriously, just not ourselves. Life is short, so don’t miss a single opportunity to infuse it with something that might put a smile on your face. And hey, life is long, too, so why not learn to actually enjoy the company you keep (YOU).

We believe that when you walk into a yoga studio, there should be a heartbeat, a personality� a vibe. So we built a place that feels good to us. We want you to feel good, too. Hope to see you here often.

Peace Love and Yoga,”

Mother Nature makes the best yoga mat

Mother Nature makes the best yoga mat

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&#8220;Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory&#8221; - Sri Krisha Pattabhi Jois

Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory” - Sri Krisha Pattabhi Jois

floating lotus pose
“As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world”- Buddha

floating lotus pose

“As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world”- Buddha